accessoires high-tech pour animaux

  • Encourage your pet to drink more with this innovative fountain also providing a measuring cup and a pet bowl.

    With its innovative design, this fountain was conceived to provide a continuous source of fresh, filtered water that will encourage your pet to drink more to boost well-being and health. Its 3-in1function combining a bowl, a measuring cup and a fountain will allow you to save a lot of space.

    • 3-in-1: Pet fountain + pet bowl + Measuring cup
    • Capacity: 3 litres / 101.44 fl: oz (fountain), 800 ml / 3-1/3 cups (pet bowl)
    • Water flow adjustable
    • 1 activated carbon filter included
    • Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 15,3 cm
    • Power supply: AC adaptator 12V output

    Warranty: 2 years


  • The Automatic Laser is an interactive toy with the one your cat or dog will have fun for hours.

    This fun toy is an automatic 360-degree rotating laser light. Your pet will pounce, chase, and bat at the exciting red laser patterns. With three laser rotation speeds you can adjust the speed of the laser to the needs of your pet. And to avoid him to be bored, the laser will stop automatically after 15 minutes.

    • Enables your pet to play and expend his energy
    • 3 automatic mode: slow, speed, random
    • 360-degree laser patterns
    • Automatic timer: 15mn (with random mode)
    • Dimensions : 8.07” x 3.93” / 205 x 100 mm
    • Power supply: 3*1.5V AA batteries (not supplied)
  • Keep an eye on your pet from your smartphone, touchpad or computer.

    The Pet Vision Live is a digital audio video camera which enables unlimited monitoring of your cat or dog and its environment in France or abroad, on your iPhone ®, iPad ® , Smartphone, PC via 3G/4G/4G + / WIFI .

    Rotation of 355 ° (horizontal) and 90° (vertical), the option motion detection, the 2-way audio function which enables masters to hear their pet and talk to them, the infrared night vision make Pet Vision Live a truly interactive system for unlimited monitoring of your pet and its environment.

    This technology is designed for masters concerned or curious about what their pets doing during their absence. It also identifies some annoying behaviors to be able to explain them to a specialist (veterinary behaviorist).

    Features and specifications:
    • Wireless quick and easy installation
    • Adjustable Lens : 355 ° horizontal rotation and 90 ° vertical
    • Motion detection: instant notification alerts with the App
    • 2 audio voice function to hear and talk to your pet to interact with it
    • Infrared night vision up to 10 meters
    • Possibility of recording 5 minutes
    • Can connect up to 4 devices with a camera
    • Resolution 640 X 480 Pixels ( 300k Pixels )
    • Power supply: external power adapter 5VDC/2A

  • The first pet bowl in the world with integrated scales which enables you to control the food and water quantity you give to your pet.

    To control the food quantity you give to your pet is a major concern. Today, many of our pets suffer from obesity, what may have serious consequences and lead to reducing their lifetime (osteo-articular diseases, intolerance to effort, cardiopulmonary problems, and so on).
    The intelligent Pet Bowl is a revolutionary product which combines a pet bowl with an electronic scales.
    You can directly pour food in your pet’s bowl and adjust immediately the food quantity recommended for his diet.

    Approximative weighings with a measuring cup are over!


    • Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
    • Weight indication to within 1 gramm
    • Graduations in g, ml (liquids), lb:oz, fl’oz
    • Easy maintenance

    Technical features:

    • 1 liter (approximately 450 grams of dry food)
    • Power supply: 2 LR03 1.5V batteries (not supplied)
    • Material: stainless steel container

    Available colours: black and white

    1-year warranty