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  • Miaow Control is a torch emitting ultrasonic specially designed to reduce the meowing of cats ... and finally appease their masters!

    Even if we love them, our cats exasperate us sometimes. Such as when they start meowing continuously throughout the day, or worse, in the middle of the night, waking the family. And that can last for hours! To the point of becoming a nightmare for their dear masters.

    The object looks like torch. But unlike a conventional lamp, it emits ultrasonic with a frequency especially studied to reduce cats meowing.

    Furthermore, by triggering the ultrasound, a light flashes. Result: the ultrasonic combined with light will act effectively on the cat's behavior. Initially surprised, he will stop meowing then, bothered by these unpleasant noises for him, he will usually have only one desire: escape. And stop doing it.

    While initially the torch enables to stop the meowing immediately, as time passed, it has a deterrent effect. When the cat sees the torch, he understands that he should not meow. Then, naturally, the desire of meowing disappears ...

    ... For the greatest happiness and the greatest serenity of the whole family!


    • Emits ultrasound
    • Easy to use with only 2 buttons
    • Torch-light function
    • Coverage: appr. 6,56 yards / 6 meters
    • No addiction to the noise thanks to the Swelling Frequency Technology (SFT)
    • Power: 1* 9 V battery

    2-year warranty

  • This collar can discourage your dog from barking inconveniently thanks to its ultrasonic + vibration system totally harmless.

    Dogs bark for many reasons but in most cases, the barks can be a source of stress for the owners and their neighbors. Bark Control systems are a quick and effective solution to help dog owners to manage their excessive barking pet, avoiding stress for teachers and neighbors.

    When the dog barks, the Bark Control Soft EYENIMAL emits ultrasound and / or vibration. Ultrasound will emit an harmless but annoying beep tone, to distract the dog from barking. Vibration near the larynx help to interrupt the barking. Dogs eventually learn not to bark and completely avoid stimuli.


    • ergonomic design
    • ultra light – only 52 g
    • no static stimulation
    • easy to use

    Product features

    • 3 operating modes:
    • ultrasounds
    • vibrations
    • ultrasounds + vibrations
    • triggered by the vibrations of the dog’s vocal cords
    • low battery indicator: beep sound indicator
    • adjustable bark detection sensitivity
    • On/Off and mode selection with a magnetic key

    Reliable and efficient

    • 2-year guarantee
    • shower proof
    • battery life: 90 days (on a basis of 12 hours use and 24 triggers a day)


    • weight: 52 g (battery included)
    • dimensions: 64 x 30 x 25 mm
    • power: 1 3-V CR2450 Lithium battery (supplied)
    • turquoise nylon strap - length 64 cm – adjustable for neck sizes from 17 up to 55 cm
  • Cat Stop is an effective barrier which keeps cats away from your garden

    Among cat repellers, the Cat Stop is the best way to keep cats away from your property.
    Suitable for outdoor use and showerproof,  the Cat Stop protects your garden without chemicals or fences.
    Designed for outdoor use, the Cat Stop is not intended for indoor use.

    Safe for animals, it can be fixed to a wall or digged into the ground thanks to its removable stick.
    Easy to use and install, it is possible to choose between 3 operating ultrasound modes.


    • cat stop
    • outdoor use - showerproof
    • removable stick

    product features

    • ultrasonic
    • flash
    • 3 operating modes: generates a 20-second ultrasound every 50 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes.
    • coverage area: 70 m² / 110°


    • dimensions : 0,5 x 3,1 x 2 inch / 11,3 x 8 x 5,3 cm
    • weight: 9,8 oz (battery included) / 278 g (battery included) 
    • power supply : 3 alcaline LR6 batteries (not supplied)

    2-year warranty