Eyenimal to Release Innovative Pet Products at Global Pet Expo 2017

Eyenimal, the U.S.-based innovative pet product company dedicated to delivering superior quality and well-designed pet solutions, today announced that it will release several new products at this year’s Global Pet Expo 2017 held from March 22 to 24 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

With over twenty years revolutionizing the lifestyles of pet owners through a blend of cutting edge-technology and user-friendly designs, Eyenimal’s smart pet solutions help pet owners achieve one central mission: “to make man pet’s best friend.” Eyenimal’s parent company, NUM’AXES is based in France and brings a longstanding history of helping pet owners fulfill their duties by educating their pets in the interest of their animals’ well-being through the design and use of pet training equipment, no bark collars, pet fencing and area protection measures, and outdoor equipment.

“The best way to be the pet parent your pet deserves is through fostering wellness, health and the security of your pet,” said Guylaine GALLAND, Num’Axes Shareholder.  “Eyenimal’s innovative products are developed, designed and manufactured with the aim of fortifying that special relationship between owners and their pets.”

Several exciting new products to be released at Global Pet Expo this year include:

  • Electric cordless pet clipper (March 2017)
  • GPS pet data recorder (March 2017)
  • Small trail camera to monitor pets in gardens, pools, and houses (March 2017)
  • Leash for sport camera (March 2017)
  • Automatic rolling ball (June 2017)
  • Spin and treat balls (June 2017)
  • Small pet feeder (June 2017)
  • Connected no bark Canicalm Smart collar (June 2017)
  • Camera glasses designed for sports and jogging with dogs (Available now)
  • Black or yellow Canicom spray collar (Available now)
  • Canicom odorless spray refill (Available now)
  • Complete Canicom spray set with remote trainers for sensitive dogs (Available now)

Most of Eyenimal’s products are developed and manufactured in France with a combination of innovative technology and intuitive designs to simplify and streamline pet ownership and showcase the beautiful relationship available between pet and mankind. With a dedication to extensive research, Eyenimal delivers consistently on a notable reputation built on quality products and backed by the best sales in Europe including items such as deluxe spray or bark control collars, best-in-breed solutions for ground and fence markets for dogs and cats, and 250-350-450 remote trainers designed to educate dogs about running away.

Presented in a special showcase at this year’s Global Pet Expo, Eyenimal will display and reveal the next wave of innovative products sure to take the pet world by storm. Find Eyenimal at Booth #3615.

About Eyenimal
For twenty years, Eyenimal Inc. has been revolutionizing the lifestyles of pet owners with a variety of innovative products. Blending cutting-edge technology with easy-to-use design, Eyenimal’s “smart” pet solutions deliver superior quality and a uniquely French touch. Although Eyenimal is now based in the US, all products are developed in the company’s original home of France. Visithttp://www.eyenimal.com/en/ to learn more about how Eyenimal’s solutions “make man pet’s best friend.”



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