accessoires high-tech pour animaux

  • Manual cat flap with 4-way locking system.

    The cat is independent, but appreciates all the comfort of a warm home. The EYENIMAL Classic Cat Door will allow him to combine these two desires. Convenient, it allows your cat to explore the great outdoors without having to disturb you!

    Easy to use, your cat just has to push the flap to go to inside or outside.

    The 4-way lock provides maximum flexibility as it controls the opening of the flap in both directions. The restrictions functions are especially useful if, for example, you want to limit access to your cat for the night.

    Technical features:

    • Suitable for all cats size
    • 4-way manual locking system: in, out, in/out and locked
    • Materials: ABS and polycarbonate stable to UV
    • Fit doors up to 40 mm thick
    • Suitable for all types of doors
    • Color: white with a transparent flap
    • Total size: 255 x 245 x 52 mm
    • Flap size: 155 x 150 mm
    • Weight: 420 g
    • 2-year warranty
  • Light leash ton increase the safety of the owner and his dog.

    Be Seen! Be Safe!

    With this rechargeable Light Leash, ensure your dog visibility and safety at night.

    Easy to recharge with the micro-USB cable provided.

    • 2 operational modes : quick flashing and permanent light
    • Rechargeable with micro-USB cable provided
    • LED lighting
    • Battery life : approx. 13h
    • Visible up to 500m
    • Shower proof
    • Made of hard-wearing nylon
    • Size: 2,5 x 115-155 cm
    • 2-year warranty

    Colors available : Blue, Red and Green

  • Drinking fountain with CHARCOAL FILTER and water in CONSTANT MOVEMENT

    This pet fountain is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

    The modern design complements home decor while the simple use offers to your pet freshly cycled, aerated water as long as you’d like.

    • For cats and small dogs
    • Water in constant movement
    • Capacity: 50 fl. oz. / 1,48 litres
    • Charcoal filter to remove impurities and maintain fresh water rich in oxygen
    • Set of 3 replacement filters sold in spare parts
    • Adjustable flow
    • Power supply: mains AC 220 – 240 V
    • 2-year warranty
  • Drinking fountain with TRIPLE-ACTION FILTER and MOTION DETECTION

    Original and innovative, this water fountain attracts the cat and encourages him to drink by periodic activation or detection when he enters the sensor area.

    • For cats and small dogs
    • 3 working modes: continuous, periodic activation, motion detection
    • Indicator light when filter has to be replaced
    • Indicator light when fountain is water shortage
    • On/off button
    • Capacity: 68 fl. oz. / 2 litres
    • Triple-action charcoal filter included to remove impurities and maintain fresh water rich in oxygen
    • Set of 6 replacement filters sold in spare parts
    • Adjustable flow
    • 2 water flow settings: waterfall or bubbling top
    • Ultra quiet: less than 25 dB
    • Made of BPA-Free Materials
    • Mains power supply
    • 2-year warranty

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