accessoires high-tech pour animaux

  • Surveillance video camera for pets

    The Pet Vision Live HD is a digital audio video camera which enables unlimited monitoring of your cat or dog whereever you are, on your smartphone or touchpad.

    Rotation of 270 ° (horizontal) and 80° (vertical), the motion detection, the 2-way audio function which enables masters to hear their pet and talk to them, the infrared night vision make Pet Vision Live HD a truly interactive system for unlimited monitoring of your pet and its environment.

    This technology is designed for masters concerned or curious about what their pets doing during their absence. It also identifies some annoying behaviors to be able to explain them to a specialist (veterinary behaviorist).

    Features and specifications:

    • Plug and play
    • Video resolution: HD 1280X720 Pixels
    • Automatically switches to night vision: infrared vision up to 10 meters
    • Horizontale rotation: 270° / Vertical rotation: 90°
    • 2-way audio system and recording to interact with your pet
    • Motion detection: push alerts on the App
    • 4 channel view, supports up to 10 onlines users viewing on line at the same time
    • Dimensions: 12x13x13 cm
    • Power supply: external power adapter 5VDC/2A
    •2-year warranty

  • Take care of your animal with Pet Clipper!

    Maintain its coat regulary, facilitate its care everyday and stop being afraid to hurt your animal. This lightweight and ergonomically designed clipper is easy to handle, compact and robust. The different quality cutting heads allow precise cutting and can be easily changed.

    Technical features:

    • Cordless, powerful and quiet
    • Ceramic and stainless steel blades
    • Battery cooling system to prevent overheating
    • Changing cutting head easily
    • 2 precise combs (3/6mm and 9/12mm) with tooth spacing
    • LED indicator for percentage charging
    • Long battery life: 5 hours
    • Clipper dimensions (L x W x H): 6,9" x 1,77" x 1,57"
    • Comb dimensions : 4,13" x 4,33", metal teeth : 0,60"
    • Powerful motor: 7 Watts
    • 2-year warranty

  • The Pet Data Recorder records all the movement data of your pet  to keep track of where your pet goes when he is away from home.

    This kind of GPS tracker records all the movement data of your pet and saves that data as file that can be transferred to your computer for viewing on a map.

    It records geographic coordinates, velocity, date and time information.

    The Pet Data Recorder is the best way to record the training practice and learning progress of your dog, and is a great way to find out what your cat is up to while you are not around.

    Technical features:

    • Suitable for both cats and dogs
    • Plug into a computer and download the data to the Pet Data Recorder page
    • Recording interval: every 10 seconds
    • Recording type: GPS file (GPX format)
    • GPS receiver is acurate within 5 meters
    • Internal memory: 128 MB - 100-300 journeys
    • Shower proof
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Operating time: 8 hours in active mode, 48 hours in standby
    • Ultra-lightweight - Only 12 g
    • Dimensions: 45 x 25 x 15 mm
    • 2-year warranty

  • Thanks to the interactive Eyenimal Rolling Ball, your cat or dog will have fun for hours !

    This fun toy moves randomly by itself, requesting your pet to catch it. It allows your pet to lose weight by spending his energy. The Rolling Ball automatically changes direction if front of obstacles.

    • Enables your pet to play and expend his energy
    • ON/OFF button
    • Sturdy
    • Power supply: 1*1,5V LR6 battery (not supplied)
    • Materials: ABS plastic
    • Dimensions: Ø 3,15"

    2-year warranty

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